header photo Audio and CD mastering by Denis Blackham

Skye Mastering

I started my mastering career in 1969. My initial training ground was IBC Studios in London, one of the finest places to record in the 1950's and 60's. I started to cut records in the same room the legendary Joe Meek used when he worked for the studio.  I later moved onto, amongst others, Polygram, RCA, Tape One, The Master Room, Porky's and Nimbus, where I was fortunate enough to have hands-on experience making the metal masters and  pressing records; nothing like doing these things yourself.

I moved to the Isle of Skye in 2002, an island off the north west coast of Scotland. I have a very comfortable mastering studio, looking out to sea, and surrounded by rolling hills. Clean air, peace and quiet has proved a perfect place for mastering, and a lovely pace of life too.

Technology rapidly moves on, analogue and digital equipment is improving all the time, I am fortunate to have some of the finest right here. It's been a long and fascinating road from the mono cutting room I started in, to the amazing mix of analogue, valves and computerised technology we have today. I use a combination of analogue and digital equipment depending on the project: Manley, Prism, DCS, TC6000 MKll, Waves, Sonnox, Sadie, and Cedar. I can also play half track quarter or half inch analogue tape using my Studer A820. My monitoring is via a superb pair of ATC 100A's, and the wonderfully transparent Cranesong 'Avocet' monitor control.

Mastering is a never ending learning curve and I am proud to be a part of it.

Dennis in the mastering studio